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Introducing Lafferty Group’s new RB2020 service, SME Business Banking Research Service. The new research is global in nature and is published on a monthly basis. It points banks and financial institutions towards the most exciting and practical developments in the provision of the full range of lending, deposit-taking, payments and ancillary services to the largely underserved SME population.

Small and Medium Enterprises (known as Small and Medium Businesses in the US) are the heart of all major economies. Banks admit to not meeting customer demand, and many SMEs have prospered without any help from banks at all, for many reasons. Yet it’s now clear that banks partnering with fintechs can and must compete with the big digital players that every SME uses, from Amazon to Alibaba.

This is a BIG opportunity!

  • SMEs are the growth engine of capitalist economies and they account for 50 percent + of annual GDP – and sometimes more
  • They also account for most jobs
  • Digital technology offers slick interfaces for mobile banking on the go
  • Fintechs find the SME market much easier than consumer banking
  • Basle Accord is HUGE, and states and governments are pushing banks to lend more to the SME sector

Our service covers:

  • North America
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Africa and Middle East
  • Europe
  • Latin America and the Caribbean
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