The Lafferty Banking 500 delivers unique rating services allowing senior executives to benchmark their banks against their national, regional and ‘best-in-class’ competitors.

The origins of the Lafferty Banking 500 project go back to the midst of the Global Financial Crisis, when the credibility of traditional methods of assessing bank quality were being questioned. This led us to ask senior bankers, regulators and investors how one should assess bank quality. The feedback was more or less unanimous – one had to look at both non-financial/qualitative disclosures as well as financial ratios. Therefore, the Lafferty Banking 500 is driven by publicly available annual reports (in the latest case for the year end 2017). There are many output that we could prepare for your team.

Here are some examples of the most popular benchmarking selections

Top 10 banks in Europe / Asia / Middle East / Africa / North American / South American
Top 10 banks ranked by star rating
Top 20 banks ranked by star rating
Star rating and metrics of your selection:
Any 1 bank
Any 5 banks
Any 10 banks
Any 20 banks
Country average rating:
Top 10 banks
Top 20 banks
Top 50 banks
Top 72 banks



Please send us message with the message with the selection that would help your team make better decisions